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Tallinn Airport brand renewal

The coziest by nature

Tallinn Airport’s vision is to be the world’s coziest airport. In our opinion, they’re doing a pretty great job. In order to bring this vision to life, as well as perpetuate it, the airport had to refresh and modernize its extensive array of brand elements.

The coziest by design

For a large organisation like Tallinn Airport, it is crucial to maintain clarity, unity, and systematic consistency within the brand applications. With a multitude of applications spanning both physical and digital realms, the brand engages various stakeholders. Simultaneously, they interact with a diverse audience, many of whom may not be familiar with the brand, the airport, or even Estonia.

The goal of the brand refresh was to ensure that the brand and the promise of being the world’s coziest airport truly align with each other.


To achieve this alignment, we standardized the brand tools into a cohesive style. The visuals and messages now embody a sense of calmness and friendliness, conveyed through a warm-humoured tone. Throughout the branding process, our aim was to cover all touchpoints, considering the diverse array of interactions.

Eminent, but soft-spoken

Among the most impactful outputs of the brand are the visual language in illustrations and the use of animations on terminal screens. The unique illustrations serve as a distinctive brand language, both in Estonia and globally.

Systemic development

Along with a richer illustration park, the logo design has been simplified and the colour palette has changed from an orange-white combination to a softer assembly of grey, white, and yellow.

Accessible tools 

For people working with the brand, all the tools, guides and files are made pleasantly accessible via a digital CVI solution. 

Swift retrospective of the partnership

In Velvet, the question ‘why’ is always asked. When I come in, eager to create something new and beautiful, there’s always a project manager or designer who asks why we’re doing it, what its purpose is. This forces me to look inward and think things through. It’s cool to see, that things are genuinely explored and considered.

Margot Holts, Head of Marketing & Communications of Tallinn Airport

We take pride in collaborating with a brand that not only reaches thousands of viewers daily but also holds a special place in the hearts of countless individuals.


  • Andrus Lember Creative lead
  • Keiu Grossberg Art director
  • Joosep Sepp Graphic designer, illustrations
  • Nele Volbrück Producer
  • Kadri Ann Mikiver Producer


  • Margot Holts Tallinn Airport
  • Aivo Kallas, Aron Urb Photographer