We are a team of around 40 designers, producers, developers and researchers dedicated to building the best, most useful design agency in the world.

We do

speak up, take care of each other, start with empathy, fuck up like pros, work for business value, collaborate like crazy, punch above our weight and deliver kick-ass work!

We do not

speak ill of our competitors, blame the client, work with alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pay-day loans, political parties or assholes.

These values define the Velvet experience and our culture, which consistently produces outstanding, effective work. They foster a relaxed environment where all employees feel comfortable punching above their weight.

We believe that clarity and simplicity are among the most powerful business tools as well as a vehicle to happiness.

We are not big on hierarchy, we are big on collaboration and straight talk. We are friendly, playful and sometimes we like to break the rules.

A brief history

Founded in early 2004 by Aivo Kallas, Markko Karu, Janno Siimar and Mart Lankots. We combined Karus design chops with Aivos eye for adventure, Marts way of getting things done and Jannos youthful not-giving-a-fuck-ness. To be known as Estonia’s first design-only creative agency, we set out to prove that design is way bigger than just a part of advertising. Lunacy, they said! Who needs an agency like that!?! It was hard, but we survived.

The name Velvet is the stuff of legends, that is to say there are many stories where that name came from, but actually it’s just Mart had some velvet pants on and we needed a name.

During the years since we have been a boutique 5 person shop, growing quickly into an almost 70 person alliance of agencies, before settling down into what we are today – a 40-something person hub for a much much larger global network of talented designers and developers, thinkers and doers, researchers and producers, ready to assemble in project teams as needed and to disperse just as quickly when the job is done.

We are independent of holding companies and agency networks, self reliant and free to serve whomever we please, open to work with whomever the task at hand requires.

But 15 years is nothing. History is written by the victors. Who knows what they’ll write about us when we’re gone.

What we care for

No doubt, we have been successful. Thanks to the family and community that raised us. Thanks to the education that gave us a curious nature and a sharp mind. Thanks to the teams that shaped our understanding of fair play, competition and cooperation. Thanks to the industry that employs and challenges us. Thanks to the society that inspires us. This is tireless work of dedicated people.

This is our humble way to say thanks.

We engage in projects and causes that help these people expand their impact even further

  • Velvet Academy
  • Velvet Academy for Kids
  • Sihtasutus Noored Olümpiale
  • Noored Kooli