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Tallinn Airport VIP-lounge

Respectable presentation for a meaningful concept

The VIP lounge areas of Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport are open for use as a private stopover for anyone — diplomats traveling alone or in groups, as well as private or business travelers.

As a design partner of Tallinn Airport, we had the opportunity to give a fresh look to the interiors of the waiting rooms located in the VIP area of the airport together with KAMP Architects. Our task was to create a functional interior graphics and signage solution, that was previously lacking.

At the heart of the concept is a legendary man after whom the Estonian air gate is named. Lennart Meri’s passion for travel, interest in other cultures and countries, and the desire to introduce Estonia everywhere have been an inspiration to all.

Lennart Meri’s stories were previously narrated through photographs, and in the renewal process we set out to brainstorm how to continue telling this story in a fresh way alongside the evolving space.

Therefore, we set up exhibitions in both VIP waiting rooms, telling stories to arriving guests about Meri’s colorful life, not only as a president and diplomat but also as a wanderer, explorer, creative personality, and filmmaker.

Honoring Meri’s one-of-a-kind characteristics

All of this was shaped in Meri’s characteristic style – authentic and without emphasized grandioseness. The composition, consisting of photos and written stories, is personalized by Tallinn Airport’s distinctive graphics, which seamlessly run across texts and frame matting, uniting the frames into a cohesive whole.

The photo wallpapers used on the background walls of both VIP rooms transport guests to places Meri talked about in his films: the Kamchatka Peninsula and Lake Onega. The petroglyphs on the shores of the latter were carved by indigenous Finno-Ugric peoples, whose craftsmanship is also visible on the carpets adorning the floors of both rooms.

Find out more about the VIP area of the airport here.


  • Andrus Lember Brand designer, concept lead for Lennart Meri stories
  • Joosep Sepp Interior graphics solution, graphic designer
  • Kersti Küla Producer
  • Mikk Mustjõgi Production lead


  • Jan Skolimowski (KAMP Arhitektid) Interior architect
  • Tallinn Airport (Margot Holts, Ester Rõuk, Erle Reinsalu) Client
  • Artproof, Tapeedispets Photo wallpaper
  • Artproof, Rescoval Picture frames
  • Mediaelement Signs, blackboard holders
  • XOFoto Photographer