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Tallinn Airport website

The cosiest airport in the world, even online

Familiar, homey, compact… these don’t sound like words you would use to describe an airport, right? At Tallinn Airport, every aspect of the passenger journey is carefully considered to create a memorable feeling. The attention to detail, overall quality and cozy atmosphere are part of what makes it stand out from other European airports, and even get titled as one of the “Best European Airports” in 2023. Six years in a row, in fact.

Constantly seeking to enhance people’s experiences, they came to Velvet to redesign their website to match the unique physical space with their online presence. How to translate to digital that feeling of cosiness?

Design process

Design the right thing, then design it right

Before diving into digital design, our team discovered in which context people use the website and also looked into their ways of travel, their needs and expectations. Imagine families travelling with small children or busy business travellers, etc. Insights related to the main reasons why users visit the website, led us to define the main use cases and user profiles, by focusing on the different types of travellers and airport visitors.

The experience at the airport stood out for the interviewees who had been in the airport, either once or regularly. Described as welcoming, convenient, enjoyable, with Estonian character – the airport even makes some locals proud! We heard all kinds of stories that personally connect people to the airport, which is also the first (or last) point of contact with Estonia for international travellers.

How might we design a website as unique as the Tallinn Airport?

Designing in context and for a warm feeling

Based on our research, we defined the main shifts and digital design principles related to the navigation, content, interactions and feeling. Considering the users’ context and goals not only shifted the way the menus and information is structured, but also inspired new features and functions. 

We know travelling can be stressful, and improving the user experience in digital means helping people feel prepared, in control, and at ease.

  • The essence – flights! Departures and arrivals are the first thing people will see when they land on the website.
  • Practical information, all the way. Helpful and informative details, from searching allowed items in the cabin baggage to being able to “follow” a flight and get updates.
  • Meeting people’s needs: from easily finding the business lounge opening times to shopping offers with screen readers.

The website takes off

The last step in our design journey – web development. All set up with a digital design based on research, the focus was set on accessibility, fast loading times and optimisation of components, information and visuals.

What makes this website so unique? 

  • We combined technical solutions with the clear, visual brand guidelines to deliver that warm feeling in digital. It’s all in the details.
  • Live data! The information about flights is constantly updated: arrivals, departures and the not-so-common delays or cancellations.

Tallinn Airport is truly unique and now the online presence of the airport aligns with its distinct and inviting physical atmosphere.

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  • Kreet Käärma Digital design lead
  • Carolina Maia Groisman Service designer
  • Indrek Kaine Developer
  • Hanna Reinkort Producer
  • Grete Hints Designer
  • Nele Volbrück Content consultant


  • Margot Holts, Eneli Rohtla, Risto Kitsing Client team