Velvet Run #4 is taking place in March 2020!

Apply here!
Deadline for applications is 28.02.2020.

Velvet Run is an award-winning internship program for a new age. Applying design principles and methods has less to do with Photoshop skills and more to do with how you go about creating meaningful change. It’s a way to make sense of the world.

This program is a unique learning experience that very quickly and intensely delivers everything you will encounter in your journey forward with us or elsewhere. 

It is perfect for you if you are a young designer, copywriter, software developer, project manager or just a person who would like to find their spot in the creative industries.

Velvet Run has been recognized to be among the best internship programs with the following awards:

  • Best Internship program 2019 by The Estonian Employers’ Confederation
  • Best Human Resource project 2019 by Human Resource Management Association
  • Best Service Design Project 2018 by Estonian Design Awards

Read more about how the Velvet Run #1 went.

The two weeks were intense. I was quite skeptical, because I thought maybe it’s too much work for interns. But going through this I think it’s interesting how much you are exposed to new thinking, new people, new way of doing things that challenge the way you do your work.

Sofia, from Mexico, Velvet Run #2

How does this work?


Fill in the application form, do tell us as much as you can, as this information will be the first basis of selection for us.


We will select 20 people from all the applicants and ask you to present yourself in an open Pecha-Kucha night format.


We will pick 6-8 of you for the SprintTrack, where you’ll spend 5 very intense Design Sprint days with us working on a real client brief.


Following the design sprint we continue for another week or so working as a full member of our team on real client projects with a dedicated mentor at your side.


Then you’ll be able to apply for the LongTrack, an internship of which terms will be agreed separately. You’ll also have a proverbial foot-in-the-door when we need a somebody to join us on a more permanent basis.

“I’ve been working my whole life in an opposite direction. First you make things and then you think who will start to use it. Often this happens with projects in University – to get grants, you have to write projects in which you don’t think much about the audience. Velvet Run was useful in the sense that I learned things could be done thinking of users first and I hope I’m going to apply it to different spheres of my life.

It also helped me believe that I can be in different environments, not just sit in university and discuss theoretical things, but that I can put in some work and here I am – in a design agency – which is pretty cool. So, it helped me think of different places where I may end up.”

Sasha, from Russia, Velvet Run #2

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m a just a graphic design student, can I still apply?
A: Yes. You should definitely apply now.

Q: I’m like 40, 50 or 75, am I too old for this stuff?
A: No! We don’t care about your age. We care about your commitment to learn and your determination to make your world a better place. Your life experience, good or bad, is an asset. Use it wisely. And remember: age is a question of mind over matter – if you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter.

Q: I don’t speak English, is that a problem?
A: Yes. How are you even reading this? Our team and tools are
international, no English – no fly.

Q: I am currently working as a *position here* at one of your competitors, can I apply?
A: Yes, just make sure you have the time to do it (take a vacation, perhaps) and that your boss knows you are participating (we don’t need any angry phone calls)

Q: What is an open Pecha-Kucha night?
A: Pecha-Kucha night is a presentations event, in which each presenter delivers his/her message with 20 slides, showing each slide for just 20 seconds. This enables you to present your message in a compact 6 and a half minutes. Please get familiar with the format at

Q: Which format should I prepare and save my presentation in for the Pecha-Kucha?
A: Please prepare and save your presentations in PDF format. You will receive more technical specifications on preparing your presentation closer to the date.

Q: Who will be in the audience for the Pecha-Kucha?
A: You will be presenting to the whole Velvet crew, some invited guests and our friends. 30-50 people in total, maybe.

Q: What language should I present in at Pecha-Kucha?
A: English. Also be prepared to work the whole SprintTrack in English. See Q3.

Q: I’m way too advanced for all of this, can I get right to the LongTrack?
A: Confidence is key. Please state your case by dropping a line to #nopromises

Q: I wanna do this, but I’m too shy or the dates don’t match 🙁
A: As we see it, you’ve got two options: wait for the next session or write to us at and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: Am I going to get paid?
A: Not for the SprintTrack. LongTrack is negotiable. 

Q: Will I get a job at Velvet after this?
A: Most will not, but some have – Sofia(Run#2), Anastassia(Run#3) and Piia(Run#1) are working with us every day following their RUN, Kärt(Run#1) is helping out when she can (and we couldn’t be happier about that)… But Your primary goal should not be to join Velvet when you accept this challenge, you should be focused on learning and discovering, becoming better and expanding your horizons. If you approach it like that you will see that wherever life takes you after this – Velvet or some other wonderful place, you’ll be better equipped to make the most out it.

Q: When is the next one?
A: Late March 2020, but apply as soon as possible, lots of interest already!

Apply here!
Deadline for applications is 28.02.2020.