Velvet Run #5

Velvet Run #5 is taking place in August 2022. Deadline for applications is 05.06.2022.

Velvet Run is an award-winning internship programme for a new age. Applying design principles and methods has less to do with Photoshop skills and more to do with how you go about creating meaningful change. It’s a way to make sense of the world.

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How does it work

  1. Fill in the application

    Until 5th of June

  2. Pecha Kucha


  3. SprintTrack

    15.08 to 19.08.2022

  4. Second week

    22.08 to 26.08.2022

  5. LongTrack


Fill in the application

Do tell us as much as you can, as this information will be the first basis of selection for us.

When: Until 5th of June

Time: The application takes around 10 min to complete


Pecha Kucha

We will select the strongest 20 people from all the applicants and ask you to present yourself in an open Pecha-Kucha night format.

When: 29.06.2022

Time: From 15.45 to 17.00



We will pick 6-8 of you for the SprintTrack, where you’ll spend 5 very intense Design Sprint days with us working on a meaningful project suggested by you!

When: 15.08 to 19.08.2022

Time: From 9.00 to 18.00 (office hours)


Second week

Following the design sprint we continue for another week or so working on your project, but now developing in your area of speciality. This week you will have a mentor assigned to support you, and at least 5 inspirational keynotes from our talented Velveters.

When: 22.08 to 26.08.2022

Time: From 9.00 to 18.00 (office hours)



After a successful couple of weeks, you’ll be able to apply for the LongTrack, an internship of which terms will be agreed separately. You’ll also have a proverbial foot-in-the-door when we need a somebody to join us on a more permanent basis.

  • “Best Internship programme 2019” by The Estonian Employers’ Confederation
  • “Best Human Resource project 2019” by Human Resource Management Association
  • “Best Service Design Project 2018” by Estonian Design Awards

Who should apply

We are looking for interns that can later contribute and learn in any of these fields:

  • Branding & graphic design
  • Environmental design
  • Wayfinding
  • Digital design (UI & UX) & development
  • Experience design (not UX)
  • Service design
  • Strategic design
  • Business design
  • Design research

So, if any of these disciplines sound like your thing, then you are one step closer to being a match for the programme!

Apart from that, you definitely qualify if you are:

  • Collaborative, a team player
  • Open minded and out-of the box thinker
  • Curious (about your field, about people)
  • Interested in working across design disciplines
  • A strategic and critical thinker
  • A good presenter
  • Willing to learn and share your knowledge
  • Basic design skills in your field (but no need to have professional agency experience)

Unique learning experience

This programme is a unique learning experience that very quickly and intensely delivers everything you will encounter in your journey forward with us or elsewhere.

It is perfect for you if you are a young designer, copywriter, software developer, project manager or just a person who would like to find their spot in the creative industries.

Read more about how the Velvet Run #1 went.

I’ve been working my whole life in an opposite direction. First you make things and then you think who will start to use it. Often this happens with projects in University – to get grants, you have to write projects in which you don’t think much about the audience. Velvet Run was useful in the sense that I learned things could be done thinking of users first and I hope I’m going to apply it to different spheres of my life.

It also helped me believe that I can be in different environments, not just sit in university and discuss theoretical things, but that I can put in some work and here I am – in a design agency – which is pretty cool. So, it helped me think of different places where I may end up.

Sasha, from Russia, Velvet Run #2

The two weeks were intense. I was quite skeptical, because I thought maybe it’s too much work for interns. But going through this I think it’s interesting how much you are exposed to new thinking, new people, new way of doing things that challenge the way you do your work.

Sofía, from Mexico, Velvet Run #2

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