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Zelos – volunteering made smart

Volunteering is the base of our society. Without volunteering we would not see innovation or change, because you can’t put a price tag on someone’s motivation and will to help others. 

Zelos understood that and set out to develop an app that makes volunteering communities more efficient and happy. After spending some time in the Startup Wise Guys Accelerator, they received 250,000 euro in funding from the Nordic Angels Program

With this, Zelos could start scaling their stress-free, intuitive volunteer management app that allows volunteers be active as much as they really want. 

It works like this.

If the organiser of an event has about 100 volunteers, it usually takes one person a whole day to organise and coordinate them properly and even then we feel that some of them came to the festival just to move some water bottles from one corner to the next.  

With Zelos app, it is easy to communicate tasks and train your team members for a festival or an event.

You simply send out a task you need done and the fastest volunteer gets it. No hustle, no long e-mails and zero no shows. The app even promotes you with levels and surprises you with an achievement badge after a task well done.

Zelos contacted us in quite an early stage of the process.

We began the process with qualitative research that helped us define our focus for potential clients, user interface and visual identity.

After understanding Zelos’ place in this world we created a smooth brand identity with handmade illustrations library, a unique logo and digital design. Whole process promised to be a hole in one. And it was.

Zelos app, which was initially developed for volunteer team coordination, has now taken on a life of its own with the addition of Community Helpdesk. 

The winning entry in March’s Hack the Crisis, COVID help, uses the app’s platform to connect volunteers with vulnerable people in their community in need of help. 

And now, with a top 10 placement in the Empowerment & Solidarity track in this April’s The Global Hack, Zelos is seeing collaborative possibilities with the governments of various nations. Plus branching out into areas they never expected. 

Guess they really did change the way we delegate our tasks.


  • Janno Siimar Design Lead
  • Anastassia Tšepaikina Art Director
  • Kristjan Pikk Digital Designer
  • Ottomar Tamm Producer


  • Johanna-Mai Riismaa, Viktor Lillemäe, Ana Falcon, Dagny Aalde Zelos App