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Work and play @ Kristiine Keskus

We created something that should be in every shopping centre

Photos: XOfoto

Shopping centres are built to stimulate your senses. However, sometimes all these bright lights, colourful advertisements and everlasting radio ads can be so overwhelming that you just want to run away and never visit that centre again. And that was the main problem that Kristiine Centre and Velvet aimed to solve.

In order to work on that issue, we first went deep into the psychology of interior design. We quickly realized that children and adults are relaxing quite differently. So we created not one but two islands – one for playing and other for resting. Both islands are in monochrome colours and offer its users diverse ways how to relax.

All work and all play…

For kids, we designed a terracotta coloured area with a 5 meter table in the middle. On one end of the table, children can play smart games and challenge their logic with games like tic-tac-toe and on the on the other end we offer a variety of visual tricks and effects for kids to discover. 

The calming nature of …nature

For adults, we used a calming green colour and designed an area with a variety of chairs and benches. The area is designed to help you focus, on an urgent e-mail for instance, or give you a moment to recharge yourself (and your phone). Both areas are in close proximity, so parents can rest while their kids are playing nearby.

In conclusion

This project showed us how even an old concept like a shopping centre can still muster up a surprise or two when we show some real empathy and focus on designing a better overall experience for ourselves and our customers.


  • Sandra Goroško Design lead & designer
  • Kadri Ann Mikiver Project lead
  • Mart Lankots Production


  • Jan Skolimowski (KAMP arhitektid) Design lead & interior architect