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Viking Motors – a car dealership for the community

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you’re so immersed in something that it’s challenging to step back and gain fresh insights?

Valuable perspective from the outside

For 30 years, Viking Motors has been dedicated to continuously improving and modernizing the quality of sales and service for new cars.

They knew they were doing their own thing and that their team is outstanding, but no one could quite put their finger on what is that unique something that unites people and makes Viking Motors truly Viking Motors.

Gain clarity and keep it simple

We approached the question technically and creatively. In the brand sprint workshop, we sifted through that ‘something’ which is on everyone’s mind but difficult to put into words or actions.

In the testing phase we conducted interviews with Viking Motors employees to confirm whether we were on the same page and actually talking about the same things behind eloquent keywords.

Everything fit together well. Distilling their essence into a brand platform allowed us to create suitable and contemporary tools and a means of expression for the brand.

Lasting connections

Their decades-long experience has proven that what truly matters endures. Admiration for powerful cars, curiosity to learn more about them, and the eagerness to ignite interest with their knowledge — all of these drive Viking Motors.

They value long-lasting relationships because meaningful connections, both within their team and with customers, have made them knowledgeable guides who can lead to informed choices and decisions.

You have the freedom to go, freedom to return, freedom to be.
Viking Motors has your back.


  • Piia Tammelo Creative lead & AD
  • Nele Volbrück Copywriter & interviewer
  • Maris Teder Producer

Client team

  • Raimo Koppel, Eero Lees-Leesma, Kaspar Orasmäe Viking Motors