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Cultural and Educational Centre Viimsi Artium – home of the arts

Cultural and Educational Centre Viimsi Artium is a contemporary interdisciplinary hub for arts that brings together different fields of culture on an international, national and local level.

Artium is a creative venue both for professionals and beginners, as it also houses Viimsi art, music and science schools as well as a recreation centre.

The architecture of the building creates a strong connection with the striking landscape and the cliff creating exciting spaces like the roof terrace and pathways to the outdoor stage and gallery. The building has a central atrium that is accessible from the both sides of the building. The visual identity was created by POLAAR +AKU.

We created a guidance system embellished with elements from Artium’s visual identity.

The concept was a contemporary, yet timeless, signage system that would seamlessy become a part of the interior, while still being highly visible. In this cross-use building, the signage has to cater to a variety of users from students and performers to guests in different situations.

Tactile solutions were also integrated, such as identification signs in braille, tactile scheme on the building directory, as well as floor markings produced by Joon.

The materials of the signage were chosen to match and complement the interior. The CLT accent pieces were given a colored wood stain treatment and the aluminium details were powder-coated to brownish black color like the architectural details in the building.

To bring the brand alive in the physical space, we created set of brand elements in variety of sizes and colors that were derived from the visual identity. The elements can be easily moved around and combined in different ways adding some color and playfulness to the space.


  • Elin-Harriet Helemäe Wayfinding designer
  • Joosep Sepp Designer
  • Mikk Mustjõgi Production management
  • Kadri Pukk Project lead


  • Robi Jõeleht (POLAAR, AKU) Branding
  • Siiri Vallner, Indrek Peil, Ko Ai, Kristel Niisuke, Ivo-Martin Veelma, Arseniy Kukuškin, Allan Pits (Kavakava) Architects
  • Siiri Vallner, Mari-Liis Sõber (Kavakava) Interior architects
  • Marge Kõrgekuhi, Kersti Lootus (Lootusprojekt) Landscape architects
  • Nordlin Ehitus OÜ Building contractor
  • Wrapar OÜ Production management and installation