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Bringing TalTech live

TalTech was turning 100 years old and one thing they really wanted to achieve during that important year was increasing the awareness of curriculums that are offered by TalTech. In order to reach the target segment – graduates of high schools – we thought of bringing them to Telliskivi, one of the most creative and inspiring neighbourhoods in Tallinn. And the best way to get their attention is to bring them directly to live television!

In Estonia, Kolmeraudne, hosted by Mihkel Raud, is a really well-known premier late-night show that is followed by several interest groups, including young adults, who are grasping every piece of new information that can be interesting. They are just in such a deep need of different knowledge at the time their views are being formed.

We decided to use this famous TV-show as a platform to introduce all the possibilities TalTech can offer and called the one-time pop-up TV-show “Viieraudne” (kolm means three and viis means five in Estonian). Five is the number, because TalTech is teaching in five different schools.

Mihkel Raud, the original TV-host, was acted by Andres Mähar, who impersonated everything from the original host – all the manners, slang-words etc. The whole set-up of the TV-show was replicated and livestreamed to the channels of TalTech. The whole show was about five main schools that operate under TalTech and out of each school one graduate/professor/student had an interview.


  • Lauri Sokk Producer
  • Helena Veidenbaum Producer


  • Tanel Jonas Creative lead