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Valitsusportaal 2.0 – the government’s central information channel

The government portal is the country’s central public information channel – the websites of state offices and ministries

The government portal gives a unified face to the state offices, ministries and many other websites of government institutions in order to standardize government communication on the Internet.

It also gives more specific instructions for how the information should be presented and provides technological possibilities, for example, a cross searches through the entire government offices websites.

The government portal 1.0+ is still living its own life with dignity, but technological leaps and new requirements created the need for the portal to be updated.

Component-based design system

As each government office put together their own websites, it was important to develop a component-based design system where different content components, regardless of the order, fit together nicely. That is why the design of the components is clean and minimalist and follows the uniform graphic identity of the government agencies.

Examples of government ministries that use Valitsusportaal 2.0.

Front-end framework with ready-made components and examples

Velvet took care of the development of the front-end framework with pre-written codes of ready-made components and examples. The principle was to create an open framework that offer a base to develop while still permitting flexibility with the final design.

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  • Ivo Visak Project Lead
  • Janno Siimar Creative lead
  • Kreet Käärma UX / UI designer
  • Raik Ilves Dev lead
  • Peep Käiss Developer
  • Merili Palmkroon Developer
  • Rauno Tegelmann Developer


  • ADM Developer