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Universities Estonia

Supergroup of higher education

Universities Estonia is a non-profit organisation that unites the six public universities of Estonia – Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tallinn University, TalTech, University of Tartu

Supergroup of education

The aim of the supergroup is to collectively contribute to the advancement of education, research, and cultural life in Estonia by representing its members and shaping their positions on matters of mutual interest. There’s no point in simultaneously running on six lanes, when you can be faster on a smoother one.

Simple & smart tools

While separate members already have their own brands and identities to represent, Universities Estonia does not aim nor need to shout the loudest in the room. What they needed was simple, smart tools and visuals to help them conduct clear communicaiton, thereby upholding their principles, attaining their objectives, and advocating for the best possible higher education in Estonia.

We provided them with 

  • brand visual identity 
  • presentation templates
  • infographic guidelines
  • web design
  • web development

The classically styled logo paints a picture of different parts joining for a systemised collaboration, yet fostering an environment open to discussions and looking at the bigger picture. The mild color palette illustrates their reasonable and wise approach.

Website is where the visuals come neatly together

Can you spot the bookshelf motif? 

–> Visit the website


  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Creative director
  • Keiu Grossberg Graphic designer
  • Nele Volbrück Producer for branding
  • Helena Hass Digital designer
  • Indrek Kaine Web developer
  • Kristo Pajus Producer for web


  • Hanna Kanep, Eve Tõnisson (Rektorite Nõukogu) Client team
  • META Advisory Communication partner