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University of Tartu Museum – renewing the wayfinding system

How to renew signs on a limited budget? With creative and sustainable approach.

Velvet successfully updated the museum signs within the budget constraints at the Toomemäe Cathedral in Tartu, achieving maximum impact with minimal resources.

Due to budget limitations, it was not feasible to replace the existing glass panels. Instead, a cost-effective approach was taken. The outdated graphics on the glass panels were removed, creating a clean slate for the revitalization process. Both the front and back surfaces of the glass panels were adorned with new stickers, providing a cost-effective solution to infuse a refreshed aesthetic.

The visible parts of mounting bushings underwent a repainting process, the texts were rewritten and updated, and the new CVI of the University of Tartu was used as the basis for the graphic design

A spectacle of light

The outcome is a nuanced solution that artfully utilizes light, shadow, and material thickness. By taking into account the specific thickness of the glass, we achieved a design that enhances spatial perception.

Most importantly, this approach allows for the prominent display of crucial information on the front surface, while discreetly positioning the branding behind a glossy layer on the back surface, creating a sophisticated and visually engaging effect.

Constraints create space for creativity

Most importantly, the signs work! Often, constraints can serve as catalysts for innovative and thoughtful solutions, ensuring that the end result not only meets but exceeds expectations.

In this case, the limitations became a driving force for achieving a high-quality and effective signage solution. Well done!


  • Elin-Harriet Helemäe Wayfinding designer
  • Jaak Peep Graphic designer
  • Mikk Mustjõgi Production manager
  • Joosep Sepp Photographer
  • Helen Küppas Producer
  • Piia Tammelo Brand and CVI graphics


  • Märt Potter (Salibar) Production and installation
  • Ele Loonde, Külli Lupkin, Jaanika Anderson University of Tartu Museum
  • Karl Vetemaa University of Tartu