2019 | TalTechEnvironmentalExhibition

100 Years of TalTech

Exhibition on science and scientists

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) has carried a role of promoting science, technology and innovation throughout the century. Its scientists and engineers have increasingly learned about our natural and artificial environments, whose organisation and innovation has been incredibly fruitful and beneficial to us all. 

Exhibit “TTÜ 100” looks at how and why has the way in which engineers work changed since 1918, and what kinds of questions have been worked on throughout the decades at the university.

The whole exhibit lets you discover all the science that TalTech students and alumni have been involved with and many of them allow you to touch and feel the science yourself.

It has 3 time-periods. The period before WWII, the Soviet era and the 21st century. 

It concentrates on the science, innovation and engineering that has been learned and practised in Estonia for more than one hundred years.

It shows us that Estonia has always been a hub of innovation and inspires its scientist to carry on with the good work.

It shows more than 50 inventions, discoveries and engineering solutions that got its start from TalTech. 

Great minds behind Estonian science

It was essential for us to showcase not only the science, but also the scientists whose story began between these walls and who more often than not were credited only in tight circles of intellectuals and colleagues.

This exhibit showed why TalTech is in the top 3% of the worlds universities and how did it get there. 

With this, TalTech did justice to its former and current world class scientists and engineers that are sure to inspire our future generations as well.


  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Creative Director
  • Magnus Haravee Designer
  • Siim Tikk Designer
  • Ulvi Vahtra Project Lead


  • TalTech Client