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Tiptiptap – a brand that makes fun for fun

Tiptiptap has grown out of the production company of playgrounds, that now supports the activities of everyone much more widely – sports fields, skateboards, power machines and just brisk movement in the fresh air.

Doesn’t matter who you are – a little climber, a brave skateboarder, a brave athlete or their own good worker – they create joy for everyone.

They are designers who think about the user first, are innovative and creative.

They are engineers who work accurately and efficiently.

They are manufacturers who think about the environment through safe materials and durable solutions.

They are installers and maintainers for whom correctness, speed and a good end result are important.

They are collaborators for whom the customer and the customer’s goals are important.

Playful balance in the extensive online product catalog

Tiptiptap creates a world of fun – playgrounds, sports fields, skateparks outdoor furniture and just brisk movement in the fresh air.

City planners, architects and project managers are mostly the ones filtering through this array of products. Having the materials, colours and sizes personalised for each project set already on the website creates a clear and smooth process to receive a quote from the sales team.

The challenge was to create a playful balance between complex taxonomy and information architecture with a lot of details about the products.

They are Tiptiptap and they create joy for joy.

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  • Ottomar Tamm Sales Lead
  • Kadri Pukk Project Lead (brand)
  • Raik Ilves Digital Project Lead
  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Creative Direction (brand)
  • Keiu Grossberg Designer (brand)
  • Kreet Käärma Digital Designer (web)
  • Rainer Kull Developer
  • Vahur Vogt Developer
  • Harles Herman Pilter Developer


  • European Design Awards E-commerce (Finalist)