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Telia Lounge @ Tallinn Airport

Telia opened its new and innovative lounge @ Tallinn Airport. But how and why was it made like this?
Scroll down and read all about it.

Tallinn Airport is a familiar location for Velvet. In the past we have designed a gate for Admiral Markets and at the moment we are the official design partner of Tallinn Airport. This has given us a lot of experience on the subject and taught us well regarding the nuances that come into play in designing that specific kind of environment.

However, we did not create Telia Lounge simply on a hunch. Telia project began with research, that showed us what is the most important need for travellers and surprise, surprise – people just want to work in peace and charge their phone. But it also showed us that sometimes one person can sit down and occupy the space of more than five people. All these insights helped us create a lounge that the travellers actually need.

This project had two distinct goals

We needed to communicate the sustainable values of Telia and also leave the travellers a good overall experience. So we decided to use the design that had already learned its merits. The interior design of Telia headquarters.

Telia HQ is known for its absence of designated workstations and human-first mindset. So there were no second thoughts when looking inspiration for Telia Lounge. Our seating fits a lonely businessman a well as a group of investors. Or when you travel heavy and you do need the room of five persons just for yourself, Telia Lounge got you covered.

All communications were placed in digital screens that can be updated by need and help us share the information that you really need. Zero tolerance for mental trash.

Don’t forget to use the surrounding environment

We also combined the values of Telia with Tallinn Airport’s sustainability. In order to find the perfect symbiosis of the two, we pointed out our airport’s clean drinking water and responsible waste management. The furniture in the lounge is produced locally and all the branding is created with a goal to use as little environmentally harmful materials as possible.

Since it is a Telia lounge inside Tallinn Airport, not vice versa, we strongly focused on the aspect of maintaining the airport’s natural walls and floors. This helped us create an environment that is clearly designed by Telia, but is also a proud part of the airport. 

COVID-19 update!

The project started before the global pandemic, but the final details were set into place after the first wave. In order to comply with social distancing and COVID-19 regulations, we redesigned our furniture to be fully moveable and rearrangeable however necessary.

This led us to a discovery that even after the regulations people enjoy more personal space and gladly use the couches that are further apart than before.


  • Sandra Goroško Concept Lead, Interior & Graphic Design
  • Laurence Duchemin Graphic Design
  • Keijo Kraus Digital Design
  • Sofía Vega Anza Research
  • Helen Paat Project Lead
  • Alan Reiss Production
  • Aivo Kallas Photography


  • Kaarle Olav Varkki Copywriter
  • Jason Mario Dydynski Copywriter
  • Reimo Unt Digital screens
  • Standard Furniture production
  • Borg Furniture production
  • Meediaelement OÜ Furniture production
  • Deviis Installation