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TEHIK – strategic design and branding

TEHIK approached Velvet with a desire to renew its employer brand, which aims to raise the image of the organization in a competitive IT labor market.

An employer brand is an image of an attractive workplace and an attractive employer. The aim of the image is to increase the commitment of existing employees to the mission and goals of the organization as well as create an attractive employer image for the sought-after talent. 

Intrinsic to the employer brand is the employer’s value proposition, or EVP, which helps the labor market and the employees better understand the benefits and values that come from working for the employer. 

In order to develop the employer brand, we concurred on a methodological basis and divided the process into five stages:

I. understanding the needs of the organization and market analysis;

II. developing the employer’s value proposition;

III. Development and testing of employer brand and communication strategy;

IV. Implementing a new employer brand;

V. Measuring the performance of the new employer brand.

We developed the employer brand during the first three stages, prepared a strategic action plan and provided support for the implementation of the brand, and set metrics for later measurement of the success of the employer brand. 

During the first stage, we found out the strategic needs and goals of the organization, as well as the present image of the employer from the perspective of its existing employees, the labor market, its partners and the owner.

Consequently, we conducted 17 in-depth interviews, 6 focus group interviews and a questionnaire survey with 225 respondents. 

The insights led to the conclusions that TEHIK’s employer brand only works with a new holistic identity. In addition to the employer brand, TEHIK received a new logo and CVI.

Who is TEHIK?

TEHIK is a maverick and does not give way under pressure. TEHIK is characterized by youthfulness, perseverance, consistency, ambition, which it can use to attract and retain a young and ambitious workforce in the employer brand. Due to their young age, flexibility and readiness for change are also important distinguishing points from other public sector IT houses, offering future employees the opportunity to be part of the organization’s design history and part of achieving great success stories.

TEHIK’s work culture is characterized by positive and inspiring features, such as alertness, proactive approach, good organizational skills, readiness to learn, adaptability and change management skills, which are the opposite of stigmatized attitudes towards public sector work culture. TEHIK’s work culture is also characterized by a strong conviction and ambition to stand for the image of the public sector as a modern and competent customer of IT projects and to create innovative e-services and thus shape the public sector IT culture more broadly. 

An important part of the employer’s brand and communication is to break away from stigmatized attitudes and emphasize the distinctive experience offered by TEHIK by positioning oneself as a new generation public sector work culture.

Employee interviews revealed that the values of the institution are not formally remembered by the employees, but they coincide to the values they expressed in their own words. Part of the employer brand to be created is to create a better wording of the organisation’s values and more effective tools for communicating them. 

TEHIK’s value for the employees

The employer’s value proposition is a central part of the employer’s brand and is divided into five major parts according to the research methodology – career and development opportunities, remuneration and benefits, organization and work environment, work and team, and organizational culture. 

In the framework of this work, we performed a SWOT analysis of the employer’s value supply and compared the supply of competitors in the labor market and the demand of the labor market. Based on this, we compiled a list of value supply development needs and a list of ideas for its development according to the brand. 

Meet TEHIK with a new course and look

To develop a new identity, employer brand and employer value proposition, we conducted five co-creation workshops involving the organization’s management and working group. With co-creation workshops, we developed a new vision for the organization, brand definition and positioning, messages and a strategic action plan for brand implementation. 

TEHIK’s new logo represents the work of each employee, its impact and the value created. 

At the core of the brand, we developed a comprehensive mission across the organization, ie the North Star, which helps each employee to measure the effectiveness of their work, link their work to the impact created on the user, and helps to make sense of TEHIK’s work from the outside. 

TEHIK’s new brand definition is a challenger. At the heart of the brand is a key challenge: The user spends 100% less unnecessary time on our systems. 

TEHIK has a strong, clear vision and an identity, which supports growth of the organisation after consolidation, introduces a user-centric mindset to each employee and reflects an ambitious and sincere mindset in addressing day-to-day challenges.


  • Peep Jürmann Project lead
  • Joel Kotsjuba User Research and Strategic Design
  • Janno Siimar Strategic Design and Creative Lead
  • Magnus Haravee Design Lead


  • Joonas Veelmaa Copywriter
  • Ivo Kallasmaa (Dalton PR) PR consultation
  • Kärt Pärtel (TAI) Consultation