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Tartu 2024 – the Arts of Survival

European Capital of Culture

2024 marks the year that Tartu holds the title of the European Capital of Culture

Tartu 2024 is a year-long programme in Tartu and Southern Estonia, presenting the story of the Arts of Survival – the knowledge, skills, and values that will help lead a Good Life. It is a unique project that takes place only once in a lifetime in Southern Estonia. 

On the one hand, it is a great cultural celebration that draws visitors from Estonia and abroad, and on the other, an opportunity to include as many people as possible in laying the groundwork for long-term change in Tartu and Southern Estonia. Inspired by culture, Tartu 2024 will build a better tomorrow.

One platform, myriad of expectations

Combining over 1000 events to individuals of all ages, the main goal and challenge of the project was how to bring such an extensive program to all the participants – guests, locals, tourists, partners, foundation personnel, etc. – conveniently and in a user-friendly way.

The website needs to serve as a practical and user-friendly tool for the Tartu 2024 Foundation and event organizers. Simultaneously, it should function as an easily accessible platform for event organizers to use as a marketing channel, while also providing all end-users with essential content.

Technically, we encountered several challenges. The integration of hundreds of events through API from a third-party environment posed the need for unification and adaptation on the website, considering the fragmented nature of their information. To cater to individuals and businesses in Southern Estonia, we developed functionalities enabling them to input, manage, and showcase accommodations directly on the website.

Functionality at its core

As a result of the project, an informative and representative website for European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 was created. Its primary and most important functionality is to communicate the events and the program of the festive year, presenting events in a simple and understandable manner, ensuring easy access to information related to their occurrence, and facilitating the sale of event tickets, among other features. The website is equally user-friendly on all devices and is accessible to individuals with various special needs.

According to user preferences, it is also possible to switch the website between light and dark modes.

In addition, the website showcases Southern Estonia as a tourist destination, promotes local residents and entrepreneurs, including accommodation, entertainment and dining establishments, and introduces the hospitality of Southern Estonia to foreign guests.

The ambition of the event shines through in bold design and all-inclusive user experience

Despite the fact that the target audience of the Tartu 2024 website is very broad, and needs to cater the needs and attention of various levels of digitally skilled users, we used a bold visual design language – vibrant colors, animations and different interactions. The goal was to present the versatile, ambitious, and bold initiative in a dignified and vibrant manner.

With our collective effort, skills and trusting co-operation between project partners, we achieved the main goals set for the website:

  • Fulfills necessary functions through a user-friendly and accessible user experience.
  • Communicates the program clearly and conveniently through the event calendar.
  • Provides sufficient tools in the content creator’s toolbox to present necessary information in an engaging and user-friendly manner.

This project was close to our hearts in so many ways. The bundle of design challenges that were conquered, and creating such an important cultural gateway for Tartu, a hometown for many Velvet people, brought us joy and feeling of accomplishment. We are thankful for European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 for trusting us for the task.

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  • Keijo Kraus UX/UI design lead
  • Grete Hints UX/UI designer
  • Rainer Kull Developer
  • Peep Käiss Developer
  • Kristo Pajus Producer


  • Tartu 2024 (Laura Grigorjan, Marili Vihmann) Client team
  • NOPE Creative Branding and graphic identity