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Tallinn Airport calendar

Using less to make the most out of an annual necessity

Wall calendar on a green wall

One Estonian generates nearly 400 kg of waste per year… that isn’t actually waste

By sorting and recycling, we can halve our footprint. Tallinn Airport is already doing it. The goal of the 2024 calendars was to inspire all airport employees and partners to continue focusing on environmental conservation.

What is more, to reevaluate their behavior from that perspective, recognizing that waste isn’t always waste.

A table-calendar next to a plant

Recycling is also a matter of creativity.

How? The starting point for the calendar was Tallinn Airport’s desire to express how they are actually adopting more environmentally friendly practices every year. Whether it’s completely avoiding single-use plastics, installing collection stations in the passenger terminal and back rooms, giving employees reusable dining utensils, sharing machines and tools between departments, or creating a temporary business lounge based entirely on the re-use concept.

In Tallinn Airport’s 2024 desk and wall calendars, only glue and printing ink are used in addition to paper. We “designed out” the usual front cover and plastic coil mechanism for turning the paper. Even in transportation, we avoided wrapping the calendars in plastic. Why? Because less is more.

Each calendar month focuses on a fact that nudges towards recycling and/or sustainable behavior. The selection was compiled and formatted by copywriter Marko Kodres, based on conversations with airport employees aimed at identifying tips that people actually use.

Each calendar page features a waste sorting guide, which can be torn out of the calendar after the respective month and hung on the wall in the office or at home, or even given to a friend so they too know how best to sort waste.

Close up of the calendar page with sustainability information
A small page from the calendar containing a sorting guide


  • Piia Tammelo Creative director & illustrator
  • Kerli Kehman Producer


  • Marko Kodres Copywriter