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Tallink Silja Line – fostering creative collaboration

There is nothing better for creative design work than the synergy that emerges from collaborative thinking and creating with others. This process becomes even more enriching when other designers bring inspiration and fresh perspectives.

Photo: Magnus Rietz, AS Tallink Grupp

Orchestrating collaboration

Tallink Silja Line enlisted Velvet to lead their team-building event, turning it into a platform for their diverse international teams to foster connections and exchange ideas, enhancing collaboration. The ultimate goal for Tallink Silja Line was to improve collaboration and work together to create a stronger brand.

Brands are not built only on visuals, but also on the culture of a company, and culture starts with people.

We jumped in and organised a design workshop to inspire Tallink Silja Line’s team, not only by sharing cases of our branding work, but also giving them tools to think about new ways of working together in order to do better, more consistent design work.

This wasn’t like any other ideation session – we crafted this workshop for Tallink Silja Line’s creative team’s specific needs. In the weeks before the event, the Velvet team dove deep into their organisation, learning about their international teams, creative processes, collaboration and alignment to the new launched brand.

Some of the themes we introduced to creatives and design managers:

  • How to balance creativity with brand consistency?
  • Why does brand consistency matter?
  • How to spark collaboration within teams that work from a far and in different markets?
  • How to improve creative work with design critique and feedback?

All hands on deck

The event was held in one of Tallink Silja Line’s ships. Yes. We did a workshop on a boat.

Everything went smooth sailing

Although the workshop lasted only 4 hours (we do wonders in short periods of time), it had a great impact. While some people got to know each other for the first time and others were already “old” friends, they all worked together, creating new ideas and proposals for their own creative collaboration.

The proposals covered:

  • New processes and ways to collaborate;
  • different approaches to explore designers’ creativity with the new brand;
  • internal actions to bring inspiration within their teams;
  • and client facing solutions.

“We need inspiration internally to inspire externally”

That was indeed the nicest way to wrap up our workshop – a motivated team, new ideas backed up with plans how to implement them and loads of inspiration.

Let’s take a trip together

Do you want to build a stronger brand and improve your customers’ experiences? Is your team looking for new ways of working together? If any of this rings a bell, let’s do it together. Drop us a line here.


  • Janno Siimar Trainer
  • Carolina Maia Groisman Trainer
  • Jordi Serrano Trainer
  • Kristiina Veerde-Toompalu Producer

Client team

  • Kärt Vilt, Linnar Kaljuvee Tallink Silja Line