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Tabasalu Gymnasium – the future face of Estonian education

a school where students study with their future in mind.

When Tabasalu Gymnasium started its branding process with us, we quickly realised that this new school has an opportunity to do things differently. Do things better.

We realised that a large number of students are uncertain in choosing the next step in their lives after high school because they do not know themselves well enough, do not know what interests them, and do not know their true abilities.

The result is a lukewarm motivation for future studies and professional work. Talent can go undiscovered and undeveloped, and the content and personal satisfaction of working life and the energy from success are scarce.

Tabasalu Gymnasium notices, teaches, guides, and enables young people to get to know themselves before living independently. TBG gives young people a strong basic knowledge of the world and themselves.

Tabasalu Gymnasium is the face of Estonias future education.

They have a curriculum that allows students to experiment with areas of interest to choose their major. Their tagline is “See your future!” and they celebrate it with a logo that represents, in addition to the initials of Tabasalu Gymnasium, the development, testing, and seeing of one’s future interests in the student of TG.

Real-life education

Tabasalu Gymnasium teaches young people to use their knowledge. In there, good theory meets real practice and situations.

Think > choose > try > understand > try again > understand even better

We keep the student’s success and future in focus from day one. We encourage and enable young people to experiment and try different professions and choices.


  • Kadri Ann Mikiver Project Lead
  • Andrus Lember Creative Lead
  • Gunnar Hunt Content Designer
  • Magnus Haravee Designer


  • Grete-Stina Haaristo & Jüri Käosaar Client


  • Kuldmuna Corporate Branding (Special mention: Munamuna prize)