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Scandium Living

Co-living space that adapts to your rhythm

Scandium Living offers modern group housing for our time

In their homes, residents have their own private living spaces as well as shared communal spaces areas for socialising, workout, gatherings and much more. Imagine living on your own, but not having to hassle with everyday household chores. 

Scandium flats are fully furnished and include all amenities needed in their residential complexes. They are professional landlords that manage high-quality, complete, rental houses with modernly furnished rental apartments. 

Before our intervention, Scandium’s renting processes were handled manually and mostly though the “You know who” e-mail communication. Scandium wanted to automate most of its consumer and business time-consuming processes so they could focus their efforts doing what they do best: providing high-quality living experiences.

The idea grew into the concept to bring back the more recognisable real estate web structure that showcases several houses and all available rental offers at a glance.

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  • Kerttu Lumi Digital designer
  • Vahur Vogt Developer
  • Kadri Pukk Producer