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Roots of the future – National University 100

National University 100 – first Estonian-spoken university. Our alma mater and one of the cornerstones for Republic of Estonia. We were given one-time opportunity to produce and direct the most important event during the celebration year – a birthday night for graduates, professors and students.

With the help of University of Tartu, we decided to name the concept as “Roots of the future“, which reminds the past, but also emphasises the importance of coming years. Together with more than 120 artists and 180 supporting crew members, Tanel Jonas, an Estonian director, told a story that raised a question whether Estonian language survives or it is taken over by external influences. We combined University of Tartu folk dancers, choir, orchestra together with actors such as Kaarel Targo, Adeele Jaago and Jaanus Tepomees, who were supported by folk-band Riffarrica.

After rector Toomas Asser made his traditional opening speech, he was also asked to make the opening dance of the ball. Exactly, this event traditionally is held as Tartu University’s ball, but this time we made it a bit bigger.

More than 2000 visitors, it was one of the biggest events Estonian National Museum has ever hosted. Many emotions, a variety of different artists on two different stages, a guest book that was sealed after the event for 50 years and so on! For us, it was one of the most difficult productions we have ever made. At least one year in preparation time, thousands of emails and tens of meetings – this was emotionally super influential for us! Thank you, University of Tartu, it was a pleasure.


  • Lauri Sokk Head Producer
  • Ermo Tikk Producer
  • Piia Tammelo Designer


  • Tanel Jonas Creative lead