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Robots on the Circular Economy Roadshow

Circular design, waste management, consuming smartly – surely you’ve heard these words and phrases a lot. Maybe you’re even somewhat desensitized. But the reality is, they are important. 

Velvet was tasked by the Estonian Environment Agency to invent a learning tool to introduce these topics to families with children, in a manner that would be playful, active and also mobile – a solution you could easily move around. 

Meet the traveling exhibition of Circular Economy Robots! 

We worked out

  • Concept of the exhibition 
  • Form design and drawings
  • Interactions
  • Graphic design
  • Production 

Lobot, Kobot, Tarbot and Töbot are attractive fellows who catch the eye on the street, shopping center, school, fair, conferences and are inviting for both children and adults. Each of them present their own character and for them, environmentally conscious choices come automatically.

Lobot is a peaceful and charming natural resource robot, on whose belly you can test your knowledge with various questions about natural resources. On its hands, you can see and touch rocks hidden in the Estonian underground.

Circuit breakers for ears, Kobot is a practical and proactive home robot, in whose belly you can practice sorting garbage. No worries, you can peek at the correct answers in the drawer. 

Tarbot is a fun and sociable consumption robot who enjoys sharing everything with friends. In its belly, you can see what products and services can be shared, borrowed, rented, and which ones are better to own for yourself.

Töbot is a crazy hummer whose belly spins endlessly. Put the boxes together correctly and find out the environmental impact of the products.

Promoting an environmentally conscious mindset and sustainable behaviour isn’t something that should be attempted with grandiose speeches. Instead, it’s best explained by the essence and importance of the matter.

Lead by example

By offering a design solution at its core, we wanted to keep space for both sustainable materials and a tasteful and cohesive look, when it came to the assembled-from-scraps robots.

We chose a simple gray panel as the base material for the robots but intentionally prominently displayed the protruding screws, nail heads, or found objects that help the robots tell their story.

Additionally, we had to ensure that these four characters would fit in a universal car body. Therefore, they couldn’t be too narrow to prevent them from toppling when standing. The robots’ removable legs helped ensure we use up as many cm’s as possible.

We hope you will meet them soon!


  • Kristel Linnutaja Design Lead
  • Johanna Põldemaa Designer
  • Jaak Peep Designer
  • Kevin Laus Technical Designer
  • Helen Küppas Producer
  • Mart Lankots Account Manager


  • Fuse Engineering (Kristjan Silmann) Production
  • Antenna Translations (Hille Saluäär) Language Editor
  • Refiner Translations Translations
  • Wrapar (Alan Reiss) Print
  • VIVISTOP Telliskivi youths Test group
  • Aivo Kallas Photographer
  • Keskkonnaagentuur (Kaili Simberg, Anne-Liisi Mändmets) Client team
  • Keskkonnaamet (Mari Kala, Maarika Männil, Reet Siilaberg) Client team