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RING Sport & Saunas – an oasis amidst the residential apartments of Õismäe

Ring is a recreational centre in Õismäe offering leisure and sports activities for the locals. The round shape of this microdistrict served as main inspiration for the name of the building and concept of the brand.

We created the brand and developed a functional guidance system as well as spatial branding solutions to bring the brand to life in physical space.

The graphical elements are not only inspired by the shape of the microdistrict, but are also interpretable as the basketballs or volleyballs being used in the numerous sports courts inside the centre.

To balance out the geometric regularity of the circle motifs, we added long flowing lines which represent the lush greenery around the centre.

The building is comprised of saunas and pools along with ball courts, training halls and accommodation. We designed a coherent family of signs considering both characters. The elements of the brand were integrated into a variety of signage solutions that compliment the interior while helping users orient themselves with ease.

In the sports centre we took a more pragmatic approach to match the simple interiors. The large plywood signs and floor graphics mirror the floors of the basketball courts and adds some playfulness to the space. The practical design can also withstand people bumping into them or getting hit by an occasional basketball.


  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Design lead
  • Siim Tikk Graphic design
  • Elin-Harriet Helemäe Wayfinding design
  • Joosep Sepp Design
  • Mikk Mustjõgi Production management
  • Kadri Pukk Project lead


  • Hannes Koppel (Asum Arhitektid) Architect
  • Gertruth Alas, Merlin Tiivel (NION Design) Interior architecture
  • Mapri Ehitus OÜ Building contractor
  • Deviis OÜ Production & installation
  • Mediaelement OÜ Production & installation
  • Ideereklaam OÜ Production & installation