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Rahvusarhiiv – only what is remembered, lives on

The archives don’t simply contain fractions the past. They hold the key to the present. Facilitating understanding and empathy, thus providing necessary tools to make sense of what has been. 

Only what is remembered, lives on

The visuals adopt the beloved ‘Uure’ pattern that adorns the façade of the archives’ Noora building.

The National Archives collect the document heritage that ensures the preservation of the memory of the Estonian state and its people. 

As knowledgeable collectors and custodians of document heritage, they offer material that can be used as a reliable primary source. They preserve and share archive material because it is the shared story of all of us. 

We refreshed the National Archives’ public-facing brand to better communicate with the general public, hobby researchers and enthusiasts, for whom the archive holds exciting discoveries, interesting opportunities, and bouts of entertainment. 

Open and accessible, the archive is not a dark and dusty cellar that no one ever enters.

On the contrary, they strive to make information increasingly and more easily accessible. 

The brand platform offered the joy of recognition and made us happy that you had “nailed” the essence. The initial posts featuring our new identity on social media have already received positive feedback, and it’s evident that we are becoming more noticeable when using them.

Certainly, the brand book will influence our work processes in the future, with the values and opportunities carefully selected by the brand team serving as a supportive foundation for both service design and representation. 

The National Archives of Estonia


  • Piia Tammelo Creative Lead
  • Keiu Grossberg Art Director
  • Janeli Sundja Producer

National Archives of Estonia

  • Maarja Savan, Edith Eskor, Maarja Hindoalla, Einike Leppik, Margarita Ibezim, Birgit Kibal, Sigrit Mahla Client team