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Rahva Raamat & Literaat café – a haven for book lovers

The biggest bookshop in Estonia has a brand new look. We helped.

Rahva Raamat has took a direction towards better, inspiring and dignified bookstore. It is now more spacious and roomy than before and represents a new concept that makes it more comfortable for the customers.

It’s a place where you want to take time off, read books and discover new additions to your reading list. 

There are elegant and sophisticated signs that guide visitors and help to find different sections and categories. Signs compliment interior architecture with their art-deco appearance.

Besides functional wayfinding-system, it was important for us to make visitors aware of Rahva Raamat brand.

There are more direct branding indicators like lighted logos, but also hidden hints within the patterns and details. Still, we need to admit, even without visible branding layer, the store carries Rahva Raamat’s warm and cozy feeling. And the feeling is what makes it different from other bookstores.

There couldn’t be a perfect bookstore without a nice cafe.

Literaat Cafe is right inside the bookstore, adding some great value to the whole experience. Coffee, quiche and books? Yes please! 

The logo got its’ inspiration right from the streets of Paris. 

This project was created together with Rahva Raamat team, Mari Koger-Ots from UDDU Architects and a lot of professional crafters.


  • Sandra Goroško Creative Direction
  • Anastassia Tšepaikina Illustrations & Design
  • Jaak Peep Environmental Design
  • Mikk Mustjõgi Production
  • Kadri Pukk Wayfinding & Management


  • Henrik Metstak Production
  • Tõnu Tunnel Photography