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Prosecutors Office 100

a century in civil protection

Estonias Prosecutor’s Office was turning 100 years old and wanted to celebrate that fact with dignity. After all, it is an organisation with rich history, that has protected its lawful people for 100 years. Their biggest wish was to show Estonians their work through the ages and spark pride inside the organisation.

100 Years of Civil Protection

We created a travelling exhibit, that showcased Prosecutor’s Office success stories, hardships and heroes of each time. It allowed them to look back on the 100 years of hard work and be proud of what they have accomplished.

Past helped us to define the future

When creating this exhibition, we needed to define many areas of the organisation that had never been defined before. Through that we helped Prosecutor’s Office to realise that they do not just represent the law and try to send criminals to jail.

“Their mission is to protect the citizen”

This simple realisation really helped them revitalise their inner thrive and see their work from a new perspective. At the moment the exhibition is installed on the walls of Prosecutor’s Office and continues to share their history for many years.


  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Creative Director
  • Jaak Peep Designer
  • Mart Lankots Project Lead
  • Alan Reiss Production Lead


  • Toomas Anepaio Content Designer


  • Prosecutor's Office Annual Cooperation Award (Best Partner)