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PRIA – Agricultural Registers and Information Board website

The one where the extensive preliminary work backed up the whole project

The Agricultural Registers and Information Board or PRIA is a government agency established in the summer of 2000 to organize the provision of state subsidies, European Union agricultural and rural development subsidies, European Maritime and Fisheries Fund subsidies, and market organization subsidies. PRIA also maintains state registers related to agriculture and other databases related to the field.

Months of research

As part of the website renewal project, we also conducted an extensive user survey in the field and focus group interviews in the organization, as a result of which we mapped the needs of farmers within the service life cycle and the comprehensive experience of the service provided by PRIA. The created personalities and user families became daily tools in the organization for the development of further (digital) services and the introduction of a user-centric way of thinking and were also a general starting point for web design.


The web design work went through a continuous iteration process, where we previously mapped the user families of the old website in interviews with about 25 clients and 25 PRIA employees and made continuous corrections in a larger circle in cooperation with the PRIA working group.

This process first of all helped us to settle into the needs that surrounded the users and also to make crucial design decisions in cooperation with the various parties of the customer.

The result

As a result of the cooperation, we found new solutions to enable access to the right PRIA application rounds for large volumes of information, systematically bring information materials to the information center subpage, make the views of specific measures clearer, information layers segmentable, and countless other innovations in line with today’s web users.

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  • Kristjan Pikk Designer
  • Joel Kotsjuba Strategic Designer
  • Anastassia Tšepaikina Illustrator
  • Ivo Visak Project Lead


  • Trinidad Wiseman Development
  • PRIA Client


  • Kuldmuna UX/UI (Gold)