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praamid.ee – a project that rejuvenated travelling to our biggest islands

A welcoming face to our biggest islands.

TS Laevad wanted to modernise their web page and turn it into a welcoming online environment, that would sell tickets, introduce their company, and encourage more tourists to visit beautiful Estonian islands.

So we teamed up with Kodality and embarked on a 7-month voyage to create something beautiful and above else – functional.

Our goals were clear and well-defined.

To shine a light on all the possibilities and answer as many questions as possible – we created a well-structured content system that can be easily accessed from the Menu bar.

The new design needed to be softer and more humane.

So we used these fun blobs and pastel colors to create a design system that is light on the eyes but maintains an intuitive structure. We used the same design system to update praamid.ee social media visuals as well.

To welcome new clients and tourists, we created a direct connection to our national tourism sites, thought through all the transportation needs, and even created little descriptions for a quick overview of the islands.

Results and feedback.

The whole process lasted for 7 months and the change that happened was huge and surprised many locals at first. From these first weeks, we got valuable feedback from hundreds of people and could make the page even more intuitive and functional.

Today we can say that the new and improved praamid.ee has helped TS Laevad to break many monthly sales records and raises the visitation numbers of our islands for many years to come.

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  • Ottomar Tamm Project Lead
  • Nele Volbrück Project Manager (Branding)
  • Keijo Kraus Web Design
  • Raik Ilves Digital Lead
  • Rauno Tegelmann Front-end Developer
  • Anastassia Tšepaikina Illustrator
  • Piia Tammelo Illustrator
  • Gunnar Hunt Content Design / Copywriting


  • Maksim Zukov Development Project Lead (Kodality)
  • Kristina Genite Development Project Management (Kodality)
  • Vassili Jakovlev Head Digital Architect (Kodality)
  • Juri Antonov Content Component Development (Kodality)
  • Sergei Tsimbalist Software Development (Kodality)
  • Ave Metsla Project Lead (TS Laevad)
  • Anton Štšeglakov Technical Lead (TS Laevad)
  • Martina Rihkrand Wordpress, testing & back office (TS Laevad)
  • Terje Kaibald Content & testing (TS Laevad)
  • Moonika Teras Feedback & testing (TS Laevad)
  • Terje Saul Finance, reports & testing (TS Laevad)
  • Andre Aitsen Back office (TS Laevad)


  • Kuldmuna Digital service / app (Bronze)
  • Kuldmuna UX/UI (Bronze)