2020 | OIXIOGraphicBrandingIllustrationInformation Graphics

OIXIO – the heart surgeons of your IT solutions

OIXIO believes that the best IT support is the one you don’t notice.

To convey the same metaphor into a visual brand identity, we created a connection between the accuracy of the IT world and independently working organs in our bodies. The most important tools in your life do not depend on you. They just work. Like OIXIO.

OIXIO is the invisible component of your success story. Like a good eye, strong heart, or a smart brain.

Its’ visual form speaks volumes about OIXIO’s systematic and ultimate precision in creating functional entities.


  • Pärtel Vurma Strategic Project Lead
  • Andrus Lember Creative Lead
  • Magnus Haravee Designer


  • Peep Jürmann Project Lead