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Everchanging Noblessner real estate

A smooth project with a fixed goal and a flexible scope. Just the way we like it.

When Merko approached us with a need to create a website for Noblessner real estate projects, then it was almost immediately clear, that the project is not gonna be one of the easy ones.
The goal was very well defined: “We need a website that is not another one-pager with fancy pictures, cheesy sales talk and an UX that makes you ask questions and gives you 0 answers.”

We needed to solve a problem first and make it look beautiful and badass along the way.

Our solution was simple and clean. We combined Merko and Noblessners visual identities and created a website that is updated after every 10 min.

We used our client’s real estate experience to anticipate the customers’ every question and give them the answers before they could even formulate them.

We also gave our realtors a fine tuned admin access, that reduces misunderstandings and keeps the status of the building up to date 24/7.

Fixed goal. Flexible scope

This project really was a fine example of our digital team’s new “Fixed goal, flexible scope” approach. It showed us how a well designed system is like a great idea. It works on multiple levels and can be resized to fit the user’s needs.

Smooth ride for everyone

Although the site is still expanding and changing as we write this, the results are already in. Vesilennuki web has decreased the workload of realtors and the sales have been smoother than ever.

Take a look at the web –> HERE


  • Anton Vuks Digital Designer
  • Peep Käiss Developer
  • Nele Volbrück Producer
  • Lauri Sokk Project Lead


  • Kadri Pajumaa (Merko), Ann Virkus (Noblessner) Client