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Newton Studios – a new kind of co-living apartment

A concept that makes sense in all possible details

Scandium Kinnisvara has erected a rental building with small rental apartments in the heart of Tallinn’s Silicon Valley. This building is promptly named “Newton Studios” in order to honour the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton himself.

When this project found its way to us, we immediately saw some great connections between the house and the name. For example, there are apple trees in the garden and a little stream that flows around them.

We didn’t want to overwhelm peoples homes with branding and too much graphic elements.

We rather wanted our designs to be clever and elegant in a way that tells a story and makes you love the place at the same time.

Every detail in this project makes sense and is there for a reason.


  • Sandra Goroško Creative Director
  • Kaarel Vahtramäe Designer
  • Kadri Pukk Project Lead, Wayfinding


  • Pilvepiir OÜ Production and Installation
  • Lilia Kristianson (KARM&KRISTIANSION) Interior Architect