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META Alpha – not your vanilla PR service

META Advisory (Rud Pedersen Group) is a PR and government relations agency dedicated to the success of its clients. With considerable experience and an impressive track record, they have the means to offer their specific expertise in smaller niches of the field. So, they did.

META Advisory opened a separate branch, META Alpha that dedicates its special skillset, experience and knowledge at full speed to empowering startups. 

Having worked with the META Advisory brand and website, Velvet is familiar with their DNA. To adapt to the change, we went through the logic of the renewed brand architecture and created tools in both physical and digital environments to quickly enhance their visibility:

  • Branding tools
  • Landing page
  • Fair materials

Just in time for the main industry event. Agile, purposeful, efficient – like they do in the startup scene. 

sTARTUp Day 2023, photo: Kiur Kaasik

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  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Creative director
  • Keiu Grossberg Graphic designer
  • Kerttu Lumi Digital designer
  • Hanna Reinkort Digital producer
  • Janeli Sundja Brand producer
  • Kadri Ann Mikiver Brand producer
  • Mikk Mustjõgi Production


  • META Advisory (Ann Hiiemaa, Lily Mägi) Client team
  • Websystems Web development