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MARU Defence

Brand identity for inventive security

MARU deals with defence, so we would have security

Military enterprise MARU Defence creates highly mobile deployable defence systems to enhance combat resilience. The goal is to facilitate faster responsiveness, better cost efficiency and lower environmental impact compared to the traditional ”bricks and mortar” infrastructure.

The system enables rapid deployment of defence services to the action zone – within minutes – while also consolidating all defence tactical requirements in previously unattainable locations. This paves the way for the implementation of new strategies and innovations.

Brick by brick

MARU Defence offers not only ready-made systems, but design system solutions for any need or vision that the client needs to cover. Co-creation, invention – bespoke for all kinds of situations. 

To further convey the features of a tailor-made solution service, the brand visual identity mirrors the construction of the design from individual elements. The building blocks system emulates MARU’s container modules, their diverse capabilities, thus providing endless possibilities for adaptation and innovation. Yet, specificity, clarity, and fostering systems remain integral.

Being literally a question of national security, the solutions and products are often top secret. That results in minimal photo coverage with fluctuating quality. Black and white photo style helps keep a coherent look.

In the military industry where identity typically equals “green”, we opted for an alternative red hue.

The brand relies on a calm and stable color palette, using steadfast tones to convey trustworthiness and strength, allowing the focus to remain on what they do best.


  • Andrus Lember Creative lead
  • Keiu Grossberg Graphic designer
  • Maris Teder Producer
  • Nele Volbrück Producer


  • MARU kontsern (Lembit Pulk, Kristjan Kamdron, Holger Annus) Client team