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Lurich – the first residence of Ülemiste City

Ülemiste City has a really stong objective. It’s a city within a city. And a smart one. People work there and every building is an office building. But then they decided to build a residence. An actual building where you can live and work at the same timeone tower designed for the respective purpose.

In order to preserve Ülemiste City’s strong branding and give this new residence the community feel that Ülemiste already possesses, we took the Lurich brand and shined a light on another side of the Ülemiste coin – the warm and welcoming side.

As Lurich has two towers, one for working and the other one for living, all we needed to do, was to give the Lurich residence a smart and clean look while telling an interesting story of Georg Lurich – 

“Estonias most famous strongman whose greatest muscle was his brain.“

Velvet created a distinctive sub-brand to Ülemiste City – Ülemiste Residences and a wayfinding system for both towers of Lurich, that does not cover clean concrete walls with unessesary branding, but uses architechture and Lurich-inspired distinct patterns and strong focuspoints to create a contrast between info and architecture while still expressing the values of Ülemiste City.


  • Jaak Peep Creative Lead & Design
  • Kadri Pukk Project Lead, Wayfinding
  • Alan Reiss Production


  • Deviis Installation
  • Arhitektuuribüroo PLUSS OÜ Architecture