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KRÄSH festival

Jazzkaar is a world-renowned music festival in Tallinn with decades of history broadening people’s musical palettes, introducing Estonian music to the world, and standing out with quality production and out-of-the-box choices. Many Jazzkaar concerts have brought sweet tunes and large audiences even to Velvet’s office.

Jazz festival for children

It only adds up they wish to spread the joy to younger generations. After teaming up with UNESCO’s City of Music international cooperation endeavour, KRÄSH – a jazz music festival for children was born. Kräsh consists of two parts – musical camps and a two-day programme with concerts, open workshops, meetings, film and music.

Digital home for the festival

Velvet’s task was to create a digital space for the festival that would offer clear information and bring to life the festival’s spirited visual identity, created by Viktor Gurov.

Playful and vibrant, Kräsh festival engages a new generation of rhythm music enthusiasts with its bright colors, quirky illustrations, and design elements that seamlessly translate into the digital realm, without compromising clarity or balance.

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  • Kerttu Lumi UX/UI designer
  • Indrek Kaine Developer
  • Hanna Reinkort Producer


  • Viktor Gurov Brand & graphic design
  • Jazzkaar OÜ (Maris Aljaste, Maret Mikk) Client