2020 | KAPOGraphicEnvironmentalExhibitionPrinted Media

Exhibition – Undercover Battle

How do you show people 100 years worth of national secrets?

When Estonian Internal Security Service (KAPO) contacted us, we were like, “Oh no! What have we done?!”  Actually it turned out, that we had done awesome work and were quite honoured to to hear that KAPO had chosen us, to create a travelling exhibition for them.

The challenge was ███████.

Our main objective was to help KAPO become more open and show Estonians, that their secret organisation is not closed off and something that you should fear. To show that KAPO is protecting everyone from different threats and have done that for a century.

If you want people to see ████ then show them the ███████.

So we decided to showcase KAPO’s most famous and important works and give everyone a sense of fear, excitement, victory and pride.

We called in a real journalist to create news article styled cases and printed them on huge squared frames. 

Inside the frame we used lenticular visuals, that did not show the real person of the crime, but gave a feeling of the criminal, that the article was about. It created the feeling of looking at prison bars.

Together, we opened the doors for 100 years of hard work and dedication.


  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Creative Lead
  • Laurence Duchemin Designer
  • Jaak Peep Designer
  • Mart Lankots Production & Project Lead
  • Kadri Pukk Project Manager


  • ADC*Europe Spatial design (Bronze)