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If you want to know, poke around!

We developed the live market data that grabbed the data from three baltic markets and displayed it on huge TV – just like in the movies.

in 2009 the idea of a touchscreen interface was not as common as it is now. Nasdaq OMX approached us about helping their effort to export Estonian Financial sector e-services. A series of physical/digital exhibition stands were developed to both attract interest and to show off the various services that we know and love now as the first building blocks of the Estonian digital society.

When a customer didn’t figure out they had to poke around the screen, our intern Anni quite magically appeared from behind the screen and poked around to show how.
Is it weird to feel pride that almost every foreign and domestic dignitary who visited the E-estonia Demo Center during that time, has literally touched your work. This is Andrus Alber, the head of Nasdaq OMX at the time.


  • Janno Siimar Creative Director
  • Teele-Reet Tõrs Digital Designer
  • Pavel Fljot Flash Developer
  • Madis Lunkov Producer
  • Pärtel Vurma Producer
  • Tim Martin Kenkmaa Graphic Designer


  • Kuldmuna Digital Design (Silver)
  • Kuldmuna Digital Design (Bronze)
  • ADC*Estonia Infographics (Bronze)