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Greetings from 101 snowflake – a Christmas card for The Stenbock House

Stenbock House, the seat of Government sessions and the highest institution in Estonia, wanted to do something different and creative for their 2019 Christmas greeting. So they turned to VIVITA Estonia, the creativity accelerator for kids and youth for something awesome. 

VIVITA then contacted velvet and the “Greetings from 101 snowflake” was born. 

Our idea was to inspire…

…101 kids to design 101 unique snowflakes using different techniques and materials. When the snowflakes were done, we asked all the kids to write their own holiday greeting in the name of Stenbock House. One cuter than the other.

Then we digitalised all 101 of them and made a seamless webpage for the digital greetings. We also picked 10–20 flakes to print on a real Christmas card.

Old ways meet young dreams

The whole process created a strong bridge between one of the oldest institutions (The Seat of Government) and one of the youngest institutions (Creativity accelerator for kids) in Estonia. Our future now has a strong connection with our past and 101 kids have learned who is Jüri Ratas and what exactly is The Seat of Government and the Government Office of Estonia.

“Greetings from 101 snowflake” perfectly unites the resources of two communities that otherwise would have no connection.

It also showed us that a project that traditionally is done by one artist can be made so much more meaningful with the help of 101 kids.


  • Keijo Kraus Design Lead / Designer
  • Jaak Peep Designer
  • Pärtel Vurma Producer
  • Merili Palmkroon Developer


  • VIVITA Children and Youth Creativity Accelerator 101 designers
  • The Stenbock House Client