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Fiberpartner – a web page that makes you think in a circle

A complicated webpage made simple with a flowing yet organised structure.

Fiberpartner’s history goes back to the 1860s, when Theodor Wittrup founded a small shop that mainly produced woolen textiles. Today FiberPartner specialises in sourcing recycled, bio and virgin polyester textiles.

Together we aimed to create a new website to emphasise FiberPartner’s vision for the future, introduce their product catalogue and encourage potential clients to get in touch.

Our collaboration was underpinned by the realisation that producers and consumers need to take responsibility for the environmental impact of materials throughout the entire lifecycle – and that the circular economy model is complex and imperfect. 

The key to our design is to make sense of a complicated set of products and categories.

Customers follow a logical set of steps to reach information on the fiber most suited to their needs. Our clever use of tabs and galleries supported by custom icons and images means the user is never overwhelmed by too much information and is sure to find what they need – a data sheet, case study or upcoming trade fair.


  • Janno Siimar Strategic Design
  • Joseph Sturm Project Manager
  • Gunnar Hunt Content Design
  • Siim Tikk Designer
  • Keijo Kraus Digital Design Lead
  • Ottomar Tamm Project Lead


  • Indrek Kaine Developer (Codelight)


  • European Design Awards Promotional Site (Silver)
  • ADC*Estonia Sustainable development, research development and technological progress (Silver)