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36500 days of Estiko

One of the most important companies in the history of Estonia, Estiko, turned 100 years old. This time we decided that we want to bring guests to the place, where it all kind of got started. Kammivabrik (the Comb Factory) used to be an old manufacturing building that was especially renovated in three-months time for the event. This place actually now works as one of the biggest event venues in Tartu!

To make sure that everyone knows what Estiko is about, director Tanel Jonas created a short play named “Estiko:36500“, which took guests through the past 100 colourful years of Estiko. More than 150 artists and team members, orchestra, choir, oprah singers, dancers, actors etc. were involved to get help this event to succeed. Around 1500 visitors had a one-time opportunity to celebrate the jubilee of Estiko.

One thing more, decorations of the event got a really big attention this time! As Estiko-Plastar AS is one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in the Baltic region, we decided to take this event even more environmentally friendly as usual. All the manufacturing trash from Estiko-Plastar was used to create decorations for the events. Especially take a look at the statues, which source material used to be the plastic for potato chips packages. For Estiko 100, our designers walked more that 80 km to get those long lines of plastic strips into 12,5 m high statues that emphasised the importance of the jubilee.


  • Lauri Sokk Producer
  • Piia Tammelo Designer


  • Tanel Jonas Creative lead