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“Right Body, Wrong Body?” exhibition

The exhibition ‘Right Body, Wrong Body?’ at the Estonian National Museum sheds light on the cultural meanings associated with the body.

It is one of the largest temporary exhibitions at the Estonian National Museum, covering over 1000 square meters and showcasing more than 10 different approaches and concepts in depicting bodies in every sense. The exhibition, designed by Ivar & Kristiina Põllu of Tartu Uus Teater, features interactive solutions envisioned and implemented by Velvet.

Design approach 

Through the synergy of spatial settings and digital solutions, we provided visitors with immersive scenes, forming a complete experience. Each interactive element aimed to present the human body from fresh perspectives, offering new insights through unexpected connections and the juxtaposition of the new and the old.

Run, warewolf run!

Switch out Super Mario with a werewolf for a change and embark on an adventure in an arcade game. The solution is a retro arcade style machine: an 8 bit pixel graphics style platformer game in a standalone touch screen slot machine.

Throughout history, heroic tales have motivated people. Mythical creatures, once portrayed positively, took a turn in the mid-19th century. In Estonia, recorded court decisions from the 17th century reveal stories of transformation, involving wolf skins and magical changes. Here you can play werewolf yourself.

The oracle of love

With this interaction you can explore the quest for a mate in media across the 20th century through an interactive display. Step into a themed pavilion designed to replicate a smartphone screen, complete with a 1930s-style dating app.

Measure the Estonian in you

Presenting a solution that critiques and satirizes the prevailing racial theories of the early 20th century. The spatial production revolves around a physical retro computer titled ‘The Test of a Real Estonian,’ featuring tactile buttons, dynamic memory devices, and a CRT screen. 

Bon Appetit – relationship with food

Eating habits and menus of different eras – from the Stone Age to the banquets of the Soviet nomenclature. Displayed on a spatial, three-screen synchronized solution. 

Noble pain – birthing vlogs

Delving into the realm of labor pains, this exhibit showcases the personal experiences of women. A creatively designed wall, complete with peepholes, provides a glimpse into the vlogs of birth mothers,.

An exhibition that strikes a chord with people

The exhibition, centered around a deeply human subject, resonated strongly with the audience. A total of 67,206 visitors experienced it firsthand.


  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Creative lead
  • Keijo Kraus Digital designer
  • Rainer Kull Developer
  • Jaak Peep Graphic designer
  • Kevin Laus Technical designer
  • Mikk Mustjõgi Production management
  • Joseph Sturm Producer (digital)
  • Helen Küppas Producer (environmental)
  • Mart Lankots Account manager
  • Mikk Matsi Engineer


  • Oleg Hartšenko (XOfoto) Photographer
  • Kätrin Metsla Graphic designer
  • Henri Sõmer, Peep Kajasalu Production
  • Reimo Unt, Kalle Tiisma Technical & electronical solutions
  • Estonian National Museum Client
  • Tiit Sibul, Viljar Pohhomov (Estonian National Museum) Production
  • Ivar Põllu, Kristiina Põllu (Tartu Uus Teater) Exhibition concept & design


  • Kuldmuna Digital service and app (Gold)