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Tartu Entrepreneur of the Year

This year has been pretty crazy for all of us, it’s nothing new here. This year has been extraordinarily difficult also for all the event organisers, as the restrictions are changing daily. This makes us, organisers, adapt to new circumstances even more agilely. But we are extremely happy if something is actually happening LIVE!

Tartu Entrepreneur of the Year gala is usually taking place in October. This year Tartu City Government decided to postpone this event for at least one month, hoping that the situation with COVID-19 would go better. But it remained and decisions were needed to be made. Only couple of days before the event, the actual decision was agreed upon different stakeholders that Tartu Entrepreneur of the Year gala will take place physically with extreme cautious measures.

We limited the guest number from 250 people to 40 visitors, reorganised tables this way that only two people can sit in one table and distance between tables must be guaranteed. Guests needed to enter to the gala with their masks on and were only allowed to take them off while eating or sitting in their table. Catering was 100% table-service (opposed to previous years) and the length of the event was shortened to maximum of three hours. Needless to add all other small details like switched hand-shaking to elbow pumps and crazy amount of hand sanitisers.

That night and the preparations were different, but it was a huge experience and challenge for our team – thinking about details you never think of. Such as how we place microphones, where host places her text covers when she pulls on the mask, how to make sure we keep distance also between technical personnel and so on. We hope everything we did helped to minimise the risk of possible spread of the virus. And yes, most importantly all the winners received their awards being the most awesome entrepreneurs of Tartu and Tartumaa!

Photos are made by Tartu Postimees, who is the co-organiser of this event.


  • Lauri Sokk Producer


  • Tanel Jonas Creative lead