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Eesti Elu – connecting Canadian and Estonian communities

The new website of Eesti Elu was part of a digital transformation that makes the Estonian community news and activities in Toronto more readable, eye-catching and accessible than ever before.

The meritorious web and newspaper of Eesti Elu had connected Canadian and Estonian communities for a whole decade. Being a mediator of connecting immigrants and their children to their roots and heritage and helping to keep traditions alive.

Since the website and the printed newspaper still go hand in hand, the goal was to smoothly balance the systems and needs of offline and online readers. A modern and user-friendly news site and community center was born.

The cooperation also laid the foundation for the digitization of Eesti Elu’s work processes, and the processes of the print newspaper were also modernized with the website.

The pink and blue hues of the user interface are inspired by sunsets on clear, crisp (and short) Nordic winter days.

In the two months following launch of the new site the number of monthly visitors tripled, with the proportion of returning visitors growing by 50% while new subscriptions were five times higher than the client’s target.

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  • Joseph Sturm Project lead
  • Grete Hints UX / UI design lead
  • Rainer Kull Developer
  • Indrek Kaine Developer
  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Service designer
  • Kreet Käärma Service designer