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Duck Republik, a revolutionary student hotel

Long stay living and friendships

We were contacted by a company called 1Home who offer long stay living, chilling and friendship opportunities to college students and to everyone who are students at heart. 

1Home were looking to answer the main problem of shared apartments – no freedom, no atmosphere and no community. Our main task was to create a cool environment for the students that would also give their parents a peace of mind.

What’s the ducking difference?

Starting from 2020 they are known as Duck Republik  a student hotel chain that offers modern smart facilities where students can meet other students all over the world, experience student life in full, study, work, eat-play-love and eventually sleep.

Their uniqueness is made out of different factors, but it’s mostly in how they connect students with social interactions because it’s filled with cool networking events, different areas to meet and greet and fun ways to just hang.

Duck Republik says NO to rude administrators and YES to embracing our difference.

Duck Republik is small enough to make new friends and big enough to party the house down.

Ducks are responsible and actually care about our students and their goals.

They are young. They change the world. They think and act like no other.

The Story of Duck Republik

Duck Republik is the land of the young and ambitious. Duck Republik does not choose its citizens by sex, age, race or beliefs because they live among all kinds of awesome people. People who can also become awesome ducks.

It’s a place where for the first time in your life a student can experience true freedom. Or find first love, create unconditional friendships or belong in a world-changing brotherhood. They are a hotel and yes, they are a Republik.

We really did a 180* spin on the student hotel business

Starting with a thourough research, then creating a new name for the group (Duck Republik) , a new bold brand and eventually a whole new hotel with all of it’s bits and pieces. 

Illustrations carry students hopes and dreams with a twist of duck.

Everything you see is mobile first and parent second.


  • Andrus Lember Creative concept
  • Kristian Kirsfeldt Creative lead
  • Magnus Haravee Design
  • Siim Tikk Design
  • Kadri Ann Mikiver Project lead
  • Kreet Käärma Web design
  • Anton Vuks Web design
  • Peep Käiss Web development
  • Kadri Pukk Wayfinding
  • Alan Reiss Production


  • Joonas Veelmaa Copywriting
  • Kristi Prinzmann & Anne Määrmann Interior Design (Dokointerior)
  • Hanno Liiva & Henrik Veldi Duck Republik