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Dreamsville – a brand that helps you sleep at night

Let’s face it, we suck at sleep. And when we do, we suck at being awake.

Let’s face it, we suck at sleep. And when we do, we suck at being awake. Our health, mood, relationships, productivity and creativity suffer. No imagination needed to picture the effect this has on peoples lives and the world as a whole. That is why our good friend and client MyBeddie turned to us with a goal to make a difference in our sleep.

They have been working deep within the bedding industry for more than a decade and believe this can be done better: by being better technically, by being responsible environmentally, by having a supply chain that makes sense, but most importantly, by making products that solve actual peoples actual problems. With that kind of motivation we created Dreamsville. 

We started with all-inclusive research where we positioned ourselves and made sure that our new brand would actually make a difference…not just cool blankets.

Results said only one thing.

People do not want to just sleep better. They want to be better at being awake. It also said, that changing one’s habits is done with a group of people. Not alone.

Not a .company, but a .community

It’s a community, not a company. Dreamsville is all about giving you the tools, knowledge and support to systematically get better at sleep so you can be all that you can be when you’re awake. 

It is a brand, that actively wants to better the way we sleep. 

If we make sleep our superpower, then we don’t snooze the bat signal, when we are supposed to be saving the world.


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