2023 | Eesti DraamateaterEnvironmentalInterior GraphicsWayfinding

Draamateater signage – bit of Drama without the drama

The Estonian Theatre of Drama is the oldest theatre house in Estonia that has been preserved in its original form. This building’s uniqueness comes through both from the interior and the exterior.

The theatre has three stages, where plays can take place simultaneously for 650 people. Velvet was brought in to improve the wayfinding, as the common areas become busy and crowded during the intervals. It was important to create a signage system that would blend in the historical interior, yet function effectively for the visitors to navigate with ease.

Our small team created a subtle and elegant signage that fitted the overall aesthetic while keeping the impact on the protected interior to a minimum.


  • Siim Tikk Designer
  • Kadri Pukk Project lead


  • Tõnu Tunnel Photographer
  • Laura Pählapuu, Mari Nurk (Eesti Draamateater) Client's team
  • Veiko Iliste (Deviis OÜ) Production