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COVID–19 communication in the city of Tartu

The city of Tartu was a trend setter of emergency communication in 2020

In the beginning of the CoViD-19 crisis in Estonia, Tartu was able to deliver the information and behavioural instructions concerning the primary crisis to the citizens of the city a week faster than the state.

Who are you willing to live without? (#1 wave)

In the first half of March, the race started with time – those who were able to better adapt to the new situation and formulate the messages of crisis communication more clearly won. It became clear that soft messages no longer spoke to the citizens of the city. There was a need for stronger messages in both the media and urban space.

I love you from a distance (#2 wave)

The second phase used less shocking messages urging people to care for each other’s lives and stay at home to prevent the coronavirus from spreading

Society was tired of the crisis and constant admonition and wanted to return to normal life. However, those who adapt more quickly to the new norm will emerge faster from the crisis.

Therefore, a value-based turn had to be made in the exit strategy.

Many of these messages are still up to this day

As it turned out, a more honest approach was something that was needed and were received with great respect.



  • Piia Tammelo Creative Lead & Design
  • Lauri Sokk Project Lead
  • Keijo Kraus Digital Animation


  • Helen Kalberg, Helle Tolmoff, Kaari Perm, Kadri Lees, Lilian Lukka & Rutt Ernits Sups The City of Tartu


  • Selge sõnum Clear message promoter (Special mention)