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Combiwood Group – woodworking can be elegant too

Combiwood Group is a network of woodworking companies based in Estonia and with a presence in Norway and Sweden. Having recently come together, the individual companies of the group have their own websites, but there was no online representation of the group as a whole.

The project’s goal was to identify and draw on the group’s common values and approach, touch up its visual identity and use these to give an overview of the group’s companies and activties to potential clients, employees, investors and media enquiries.

Following a brand sprint workshop, it was decided to place emphasis on group members identitying as a network rather than a large concern with a lean and nordic client-centric approach. The fresh visuals also draw from the Nordics – pastel hues refer to the mesmerising light and colour displayed in the the sky.

The website’s structure and layout reflects the client’s no-nonsense attitude, allowing the history and personality of the companies, employees and thier local communities to shine through.

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  • Janno Siimar Straegy & design lead
  • Keijo Kraus Art lead & digital designer
  • Vahur Vogt Developer
  • Joseph Sturm Producer (digital)
  • Piia Tammelo Graphic designer
  • Nele Volbrück Producer (visual identity)


  • Miltton New Nordics (Johan-Paul Hion, Mari-Liis Kitter) Content & photography